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NoCodeClarity allows people to create applications for the Stacks blockchain without coding.

Stacks Plug-In on bubble

The Stacks-No-Code-Plugin released in May 2022 and it can easily be installed on Bubble with a few clicks allowing users to deploy applications with no coding knowledge. Bubble is the first No Code platform that the Stacks plugin launched on. More platforms are in the roadmap of NoCodeClarity, founded by Christopher Perceptions and Sergio Gongora. The Stacks plugin was created through the support of the Stacks Foundation via a grant in January 2022 and NoCodeClarity was awarded a $100,000 grant in June 2022 to expand the roadmap.

Additional instructions are also available. Tutorials and step by step guides will be released soon.

The Stacks-No-Code-Plugin code is publicly available on Github.

Demo page

A demo page is available here.

NoCodeClarity videos

NodeCodeClarity has their own youtube channel.