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The Stacks Cookbook is a collection of sample apps and smart contracts to serve as starting points and references for building your own Stacks apps. It is currently a work in progress. Here is some of the content we have planned and we welcome contributions.

Many of these cookbook recipes have been pulled from other tutorials and linked here for easy access. Links to full tutorials and sample code have been included for reference and further exploration.

Got an idea you think would make a good addition? We're always accepting contributions.

Bitcoin Integration

Sending Bitcoin with Hiro wallet

Getting a Stacks address from a public key

Verifying a transaction on the BTC chain

Get Sats per STX price

Parsing a Bitcoin transaction


Creating a simple DAO with ExecutorDAO

Creating a BTC-backed DAO treasury


Creating an NFT

Creating a Fungible Token

Minting an NFT with Bitcoin

Stacking and Mining

Simple stacking pool

Continuous stacking

Simple mining pool

Proof of PoX payout


Post conditions with Stacks.js

Authentication with Stacks.js

Sending transactions with Stacks.js

Authenticating with Sign in with Stacks

Complete Apps


Hello Stacks