Clarity Type System

The type system contains the following types:



signed 128-bit integer


unsigned 128-bit integer


boolean value (true or false)


object representing a principal (whether a contract principal or standard principal)

(buff max-len)

byte buffer of maximum length max-len.

(string-ascii max-len)

ASCII string of maximum length max-len

(string-utf8 max-len)

UTF-8 string of maximum length max-len (u"A smiley face emoji \u{1F600} as a utf8 string")

(list max-len entry-type)

list of maximum length max-len, with entries of type entry-type

{label-0: value-type-0, label-1: value-type-1, ...}

tuple, group of data values with named fields

(optional some-type)

an option type for objects that can either be (some value) or none

(response ok-type err-type)

object used by public functions to commit their changes or abort. May be returned or used by other functions as well, however, only public functions have the commit/abort behavior.

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