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Clarity Security

Clarity has been purpose-built from the ground up to write safe, secure smart contracts. This gives a number of unique properties not seen in other smart contract languages like Solidity.

If you are coming from a Solidity background, or wondering why you should bother learning a new language like Clarity, security is one of the top reasons. Every design decision for Clarity has been made with this in mind.

This section will dive deeper into some of these concepts and properties to dig into the security advantages of using Clarity.

We'll cover conceptual and practical examples, often comparing Clarity to similar functionality in Solidity to demonstrate the unique security advantages of Clarity.

This section is a work in progress and contributions are always welcome.

Non-Turing Complete

This is an often-discussed property of Clarity, and is in contrast to Solidity and most other languages, which are Turing-complete. Turing-completeness is often seen as an advantage and a necessity in fully-expressive languages, but it comes with some dangers and disadvantages that we'll explore in this section.

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