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Stacks Docs

Stacks is Bitcoin L2 that brings smart contract functionality to Bitcoin, without modifying Bitcoin itself.

These docs serve as:

  1. An introduction to Stacks (what it is, why you should care, how to build Bitcoin apps with it),
  2. A reference guide to various aspects of the Stacks ecosystem
  3. A collection of tutorials and code samples to help you learn and build

If you see something you think you might want to contribute, please do so! We are always looking for good contributions from the community.


Looking to understand how to build full-stack Bitcoin dapps with Stacks? These tutorials will give you a solid introduction. At the moment we have an intro tutorial and a collection of community-created tutorials focusing on Stacks and Clarity specifically, with a comprehensive deep-dive tutorial series covering Bitcoin-first development on the way.

View Hello Stacks Tutorial

Stacks Academy

If you are looking to understand Stacks and what it's all about at a deeper level, Stacks Academy is the place to go.

Start Stacks Academy

Clarity Reference

Clarity is the language that powers smart contracts built on Stacks. You'll be introduced to Clarity in Stacks Academy, but this section of the docs is where you can find the references for all the keywords and functions in Clarity.

View Clarity Reference

Nodes and Miners

Interested in mining or running a Stacks node? This section is where you'll learn what that looks like and how to set it up.

View Nodes and Miners


Gaia is a unique approach to off-chain data storage that focuses on user-ownership of data with access connected to a Stacks identity.

View Gaia Docs


The Cookbook is a WIP, but you can check out what we have available now. This is designed to be a collection of code snippets, mini tutorials, and sample projects designed to help you accomplish specific things with Stacks.

View Cookbook

Next Steps

Apply for a grant, get a job, start a company, join an immersive education experience like Clarity Universe. This section will point you to the different places in the Stacks community you can launch and grow your career as a Stacks developer.

Grow Your Skills and Career