Stacks Improvement Proposals (SIPs)

Stacks improvement proposals (SIPs) are aimed at describing the implementation of the Stacks blockchain, as well as proposing improvements.

The SIP process (SIP-000) describes how to make a SIP and get it ratified.

They should contain concise technical specifications of features or standards and the rationale behind it. SIPs are intended to be the primary medium for proposing new features, for collecting community input on a system-wide issue, and for documenting design decisions.

The SIPs are located in the stacksgov/sips repository as part of the Stacks Community Governance organization.

Anyone in the Stacks community can submit a SIP.

Stacks Improvement Proposals Community Calls Add the weekly community SIP call to your calendar.

SIP Meeting calls are recorded and available here

More details of the meetings are available here

Ratified SIPSs

How to Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved with the SIP process:

  • Join the weekly SIP Meeting call listed here.

  • SIP Editor. SIP editors help SIP authors make sure their SIPs are well-formed and follow the right process. They help get SIPs ready for deep review by advancing it them from Draft to Accepted status. If you want to become a SIP editor, open an issue with your name and email to ask to be added to the list of SIP editors.

  • Join a CAB (Consideration Advisory Board). SIPs fall under the purview of one or more considerations. A full list is in this github directory. Currently they are: Diversity, Economics, Ethics, Governance and Technical. Members of SIP consideration advisory boards use their domain expertise to give Accepted SIPs a deep read, and give the authors any/all feedback to help make the SIP workable. If you want to join a board, reach out to the board's chairperson via the listed contact information.

  • Steering Committee. The Steering Committee organizes the consideration advisory boards and votes to advance Recommended SIPs to Activation-in-Progress status, and then to either Ratified or Rejected status. Once they are in the process of being activated, they use a SIP's Activation section to determine whether or not the Stacks ecosystem has ratified or rejected the SIP. Joining this committee requires the consent of the Stacks Foundation board.

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