With Nakamoto on the way, you may find this page covering the Nakamoto vs. Primary Testnets useful.

About testnet

The testnet is a separate blockchain from the Stacks mainnet analogous to a staging environnement. It's a network used by developers to test their apps, smart contracts, or changes to the protocol in a production-like environment.

It produces blocks at roughly the same rate as mainnet; about 1 block every 10 minutes on average. The Stacks testnet is rarely reset.


Testnet faucets provide you with free Stacks Token (STX) to test with. These are not the same as STX on mainnet and have no value. There are a couple of different options for getting testnet STX.


You can get STX from the Hiro faucet on the Hiro Explorer Sandbox, or using the API.

To get STX tokens from within the Explorer Sandbox, navigate to the "Faucet" tab on the left and click "Request STX" button.

You can also try out Stacking by clicking on I want to stack.

The Explorer Sandbox requires you to login with a Stacks wallet


Alternatively, you can use the LearnWeb3 faucet.

Testnet API

The hosted Stacks Blockchain API for the testnet is available at this base URL:


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