After Neon, Argon is the next public testnet slated to be released mid-March. While Neon was great for demonstrating the capability of fast blocks, Argon will be much more feature complete and is meant to be a testnet for the full-on Nakamoto hard fork coming in April.
Here are some things you can expect with Argon:
  • Nakamoto performance gains with existing Clarity WASM
  • All Nakamoto rules in place
  • POX-4, Throughput gains, Lower Latency, Existing Clarity WASM
  • Clarity WASM to feature complete with full Clarinet support
  • Clarity WASM Performance benchmarking, improvements, & fuzzing
  • Controlled testnet upgraded with performance gains
  • Testing and audits on code complete components
Check back here after Argon is released for instructions for using the testnet and getting your applications migrated.